Artist: Tom Pridgeon








Tom PridgeonTom Pridgeon has been making fine art furnishings for the last ten years. What began originally as a craft to give one of a kind graduation and wedding gifts gradually evolved into providing these unique fine art furnishings to everyone. Tom founded the Twisted Pine Gallery with his wife and son in the summer of 2012 and has been providing ¬†fine art furnishings to their local community. In early 2014, At The Twisted Pine began it’s move into an online space.













Wes PridgeonWes has studied fine art and photography graduating with his bachelor’s degree in 2011, since he has exhibited in several curated shows and has had his work published in online and print publication. He joined At The Twisted Pine in 2012 to curate the gallery and exhibit alongside his father. Wes’s main passion is in painting impressionistic landscapes that capture the beauty and mystery of the natural world.

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